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Arthur Renowitzky is the executive director and co-founder of Life Goes On Foundation (LGO) a nonpolitical/nonprofit organization working in the state of California to help bring an end to violence amongst youth and encouraging positive lifestyle through extracurricular activities.

Renowitzky founded LGO in 2007 after he was shot point-blank in the chest outside of a San Francisco night club named "City Nights" by an unknown assailant, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. The shooter was never found. After a 23-day battle in a medically induced coma, Renowitzky woke on Christmas Eve day to learn he would never walk again. That news inspired him to fight paralysis by spreading spinal cord injury awareness and gave him the “line in the sand” against youth violence; Renowitzky knew the best route was to found his nonprofit, LGO, and aggressively spreading his message of overcoming adversity.

In recognition of his work, Renowitzky was named a Home Town Hero by the Bay Area News Group for the summer of 2009 and also received a citation of appreciation from the Oakland Mayoral Council Against Violence that same year. Arthur has been featured sharing LGO on media outlets such as ABC Los Angeles, KTVU Bay Area, CNN, Hot Talk New Radio 560, Daily Review, Oakland Tribune, Chronicle Live. In 2019, Modelo and the Golden State Warriors organization asked Arthur to be apart of the Fighting Spirit campaign. 

Additionally, Renowitzky has also presented his story to over 130 California high schools and middle schools, as well as juvenile halls, disciplinary camps, Boys & Girls Club(s), YMCA(s), Oakland City Hall, Hollywood events, churches, and many hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. It is estimated that Arthur has addressed over 100,000 youth.

After waking up out of a coma after the shooting in SF, medical professionals shared with the family that he may never be able to walk or talk again. Once he regained his voice back with hundreds of hours of therapy, Arthur wanted to use his voice to make music and use it to cope with the situation he was forced into. He shares publicly numerous times that music is a form of reconstructive and an uplifting therapy form for him. In 2020, Arthur aka AR The Inspiration released his debut album "A Letter to My Shooter" which is available on all major platforms. 

Additionally, Renowitzky now plays guard in the NWBA for the Golden State Road Warriors wheelchair basketball team. He credits wheelchair basketball for bringing him out of his depression from the shooting. One day after a hand cycling experience, he met with a wheelchair basketball coach and found a new passion, strength, and confidence. Now he shares his love for basketball when he coaches for the Boys and Girls Club, a youth basketball team in San Leandro and runs a teen leadership program for Bay Area inner-city students.

Arthur doesn’t stand alone, he is supported by his mother and two brothers Andrew and Anthony who have aided his recovery and his rise to be the person with the desire to change the world, one individual at a time.

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